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A New Single Release By Nicky Aiken Arrives!

If you don't know too much about Nicky Aiken then it's about time you got to know the artist and his particular brand of musical style which has an amazing way of changing and growing with him as a person it would seem.

This is something that is really nice to see because there are a lot of bands and artists out there that have a great sound but stick with that same feeling time and time again.

Of course, this works for plenty but it's so much better to hear bands evolve musically because as people they will change, so why not the music along with it.

Nicky's new song "TRY!" is electric in its energy and once you catch on to it you can't let it go.

The song is a rocker, and it keeps hooks left, right and center.

This song is to be turned up to 10 on the volume knob and you'll see exactly why once you have a listen.

It's also a good idea to backtrack through his other releases so you can check it all out!

A great single from a great artist with a knack for writing catchy songs in a number of ways.

Check out his Spotify and Instagram when you can!

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