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A New Single From Lars featuring Paradizo and Kyle Loedel

A new single release from Lars displays the artist's natural knack for arrangement and building tracks into epic climactic dance pop with waves of this sonic sort of energy that come through while combining an approach that lets the songs feel alive and breathing at the same time.

"Take The Night" comes in as a little bit of a slow burn but you can definitely tell its going somewhere big right from the get-go.

This is what I mean by Lars having the ability to give you a taste of what's to come by musically hinting as things build.

This is a very smart approach to songwriting in general and in terms of a dance-pop song like this one that incorporates elements of house and Indie pop vocals it really works like a charm.

This track shows a lot of color and blends that with a certain level of edginess that makes it unique and as it does so, it builds an atmosphere that's all its own.

It's very easy to get sucked into this track, especially after that first chorus and it's incredibly danceable, endlessly fun, and it has this allure to it that keeps you right where it wants to.

Bringing in artists like Paradizo and Kyle Loedel, this track really gives off a certain energy that lets it be sort of theatrical in a way.

I think that's what Lars is all about.

Some of his previous releases also are such a wonderful display of being able to take other artists and incorporate them into the piece of work to make something that's unique but still very memorable and slightly familiar.

There are also elements about this track that come off as cinematic to me which I greatly enjoyed and I think that this track would go well in a club, a party, or just jamming in your car because it does have those elements of calmness into that high energy explosion.

Want to listen to songs like this, it makes me wonder about how each party was able to put their input into the track and how a producer and artist like Lars is able to even find these people to help him create these pieces of work that he probably has floating around in his head before they come to fruition.

They're a lot of parts about this track that make it a dance banger and like I said, it does get you hooked in really quick, and those climactic parts are just sonically fresh and thriving.

Toward the end of the track, you get the full soiree with all the elements put together and it just feels epic which is part of why that cinematic element comes into play.

I love songs that are done by people who clearly have a love for their craft, and this is a perfect example of exactly that.

Definitely dive into this one and turn it up because you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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