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A new single and video from Ariana Savalas breeds a beautiful honesty

A new single from Ariana Savalas portrays such a wonderfully honest point of view that helps us all remember we're just human and it's totally okay to have something you strive for, a dream to fight for, and most of all, it's okay not to have your shit together as she so boldly says in the song itself.

Yes, "What Do You Wanna Know" is dripping with absolute brutal honesty and really does an amazing job of showcasing the struggles of not only fighting for your dreams but getting through everyday life on your way there.

The song is theatrical and inspiring in its own way. It makes you sit back and go "yeah...exactly!" because of how relatable it actually is and how well Savalas expresses each emotion.

The song is like a poop ballad, and it grows in intensity until it finally explodes, and she's had enough.

She slams the piano and performs with passion and heat.

There is nothing but heart all over this song from minute one because it came from someplace so real for her you can hear it in every note.

This is all part of what makes it so addicting and so beautiful.

This was cinematic and gracefully edgy, and we want more from her like yesterday.

Don't believe me?

Watch the video and see for yourself. It's more than worth your time.

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