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A New Single and EP from Romeopathy

A new single release from Romeopathy brings out a classic heavy-hitting alternative rock Vibe with some metal undertones and the whole vibe of it feeds this character that the song delivers, and it's got an outstanding combination of heavy and trudging guitars and combination with impactful and passionately performed robust vocals and those textures together create an atmosphere that you fall right into.

"Memo" does indeed have a very unique way of blending rock genres seamlessly and there's such creative guitar work across the span of the song that kind of surprises you here and there, and I love that it goes from a metal feel to an alternative feel, to a grunge feel, and more all in this one track making it feel so massive.

One of my favorite aspects about this track is the extensive guitar solo that happens before that final chorus and Bridge because it's so inventive and it has sold to it and some great technical attributes as well, but it adds so much of a different layer of color to the song itself that it's outstanding.

There are backing vocals that fill the space and float through the song's ether giving it this full-bodied tone and the whole thing is just driving the entire time, so it never loses that sort of edginess that it started with in the first place, but it also never loses that character either.

The way the song was arranged is really smart as well and you can tell that there were some technical attributes here that took some time and attention, but it still feels so alive when you listen to it even though the arrangement is so extensive in a way.

Vocals are lush and harmonizing all the time between the background vocals and the ones on the forefront as well.

You can also tell lyrically that this came from someplace real and that he's letting some stuff out because there's some honesty there and straightforwardness and the lyrics which makes it a little bit more relatable as well and not just a rock banger.

This gives me a little bit of a nostalgic feel as well because of the songwriting and the tonality of everything it sounds almost like an alternative rock song that you'd hear on the radio every once in a while.

So, maybe they have some classic influences from that time. That combination of different influences that the band has that makes this song work.

It's too inventive and genre-bending to be cookie cutter, it's not incredibly outside the box but it does step outside the box and surprise you here and there and it does have heart and meaning along with outstanding musicianship and an unstoppable energy.

This song has a bit of power behind it, and it certainly left its mark with me.

Here's the kicker.  this track is part of a four-song EP released by the band recently and all the tracks on it have something a little different to offer but just as much power behind them as this single does.

The full ep is called One Night With Romeo and you should definitely give it a spin as soon as you can.

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