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A New LP Release From Deithesis

An album release from Deithesis gives off an outstanding blend of heavy rock, alternative, and metal soundscapes all rolled together and delivered with a lot of character and an almost gothic edge to it that gives the songs an added allure.

The Equilibrium record is packed with a lot of memorable choruses and has a way of beckoning in almost the late 90s or early 2000s underground alternative rock approach.

The guitar tone alone has such a massive sonic presence that it's able to sort of pull you into these songs right off the bat.

A lot of the riffs on this record are so melodic but have this lusciousness to them like other guitar harmonies that come into play or great intros, but it all works in this almost cinematic way.

The songs are vast, and they have this douche feel at times, but you get the sense that a lot of these songs are interconnected with each other which gives the record the feeling of being a concept album of sorts.

There are definitely more than a few songs that stand on their own two feet as singles very well, but this is the type of record that you should be listening to from start to finish so you can soak it all in though it was meant to be.

The record has a certain persona to it and stories that you follow along and some of these stories intertwine with each other so that you can get a sense of the full spectrum of what the record has to offer lyrically.

This record has a great element of escapism so that you can forget about your own reality for a little while and step into theirs for a moment in time and that's something that I've missed from albums for quite some time.

It's also possible I've just missed albums in general because we live in such a single-based society these days that it's hard to find bands releasing full records like this anymore.

The vocals on the record are robust and full-bodied as they call out and give the songs a certain flow and the textures of the vocals and guitars blend so well that they complement each other perfectly.

You can tell there was a good amount of heart in this record and that some of these songs really came from a very creative space and the energy on the record makes you almost feel like some of these songs were performed live on the floor cuz it feels like all the players are feeding off of each other the whole time.

This really helps give the record a sort of alive and breathing tone and feel.

Even if I'm wrong about that, the record does make you want to see them live because if the energy is like this on the record, and seeing them live must just be epic.

These tracks have the ability to wrap themselves around you and eventually let you get washed away with everything.

It's really easy to get engulfed in this record because it's got a very particular staple soundscape to it and if you let yourself do that, it's an awesome journey to take musically.

This is probably my favorite thing about the whole album.

It is more of an experience or a journey than just an album if you let it be.

That's not something I can say often so when I come across it it's incredibly refreshing.

There are a lot of elements to this record that I have quite a bit of gracefulness to it and in turn it creates a certain atmosphere that the record has.

The fun part is that once you've gotten into this atmosphere, you don't want to leave.

This was a terrific record and I would keep my eye out for these guys because I'm hoping they put out something more maybe in the next year.

Check this out as soon as you can, you won't regret it.

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