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A New LP Release From Casiocenz Is Here

If you aren't yet too familiar with Casiocenz, then let us be among the first to enlighten you about the artist and project and his new release dubbed Party Of One which manages to pull together a mass amount of catchy licks and refreshing styles while maintaining that somewhat familiar pop feel.

This LP takes things that are unordinary and puts them together with the ordinary making something that in a way feels timeless.

Not happening on this album and you get a great array of diversity that all still floats around the pop pool if you will.

There are tracks that grab at a post-punk approach and tracks that hit a nearly perfect indie-pop or even pop-rock Style but either way, you're definitely getting something you can dive right into and swim around in.

This record has a way of surprising you from time to time but it also has a way of making you feel a little bit nostalgic as well which is a combination you don't really expect on the same record but you certainly get it here.

The tracks that come through as more classic post-punk have those twang guitars and slightly brooding vocals and the tracks that come through as young and vibrant pop songs hit their particular Mark as well.

You definitely have variety on this record and by the time you get halfway through the record you start to expect the unexpected which in itself is refreshing as well.

Most impressive is that all of it comes from one multi-instrumentalist who with the help of a few others in terms of collaborating, basically does most of it himself.

If there's one thing I would say to be prepared for before listening to this album it would be to get ready to dance because you won't be able to help yourself for over 90% of this record.

Make some room to move and get down, maybe even sing along because that might happen too.

Definitely a most enjoyable album from Casiocenz!

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