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A new heartfelt single from Mari

A beautiful and heartfelt new single from Mari brings out the inner soft spot that makes you think back on people you may have lost or think on who you have now and realize you don't want to lose them either. And it's all done in the form of a contemporary pop song riddled with flowing strings, and piano sections.

"I Don't Want to Lose You" is a passionately performed and soulful single that breathes and swells as it plays on giving it a wonderfully graceful style.

The song has the ability to cause memories to flash in your head and its cinematic tonality really gives it this drive and certain energy captured on the record.

It's woven with a tasteful presence and can be intricate but is always very heartfelt and deepening feel.

This release showcases Mari's chops as a performer and as an artist.

It lets her really shine and it all feels like it's second nature for her. Like she's been singing since she was a child.

And maybe she has been. Maybe she sat in the back seat as a kid and harmonized with the songs on the radio growing up.

It would make a lot of sense after listening to this track.

But really, it's her passion and soul that gives the song that impactful sound. A sound that you can still feel hours after the song has ended.

We welcome this gorgeous single and hope to hear more from her in the near future.

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