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A New EP From Dazed & Confused Delivers Heavy Grooves

A new EP release from Dazed & Confused brings out a soulful rock and funk combination that brings together elements of 90s radio rock undertones, and southern kissed riffs that all deliver a sort of story and a lot of personality each time.

The Swamp Song EP brings out a lush songwriting approach and tonality that hits this righteous classic rock feel that comes along with massive energy to the point where it feels almost like some of these songs were recorded live on the floor just because it seems as if the players are feeding off of each other the entire time which just makes you want to see them live in your face.

I love the jazzy and funky elements that these guys bring together in between those classic rock riffs all heavy and riddled with drive and hints of grit.

The songs themselves carry a lot of persona, and when you get pulled into them really quickly because of the aesthetic that they're pulling off.

The drumming is subtly amazing, and the band has a knack for following each other in terms of that dynamic balance each time and it pulls everything together and works wonders for the songs because they feel like they're alive and breathing, especially with the way they arrange them.

I adore the guitar work because you get some real soulful lead stuff here and there and while that's happening, you're usually trapped in this deep groove, and you can't help but move your body to it.

It is very hard not to dance to these songs a lot of the time, especially the intro and title track because that one really sucks you in quick with that rhythm and just the overall sort of swagger of it all as well.

You can tell that these guys have a real love for what they're doing and not just the instruments they're playing or the singing, but songwriting together to create something that has an atmosphere that's all its own and has a catchy but impactful sound that swells and sways, explodes into heavier riffs and settles back down into verses that you can pay attention to lyrically and just groove with.

The band has a particular way of delivering this vibrant and colorful style of music and it's excitable, danceable, fun, it's hard when it wants to, and can surprise you at times.

There's a lot of attention to detail in the composition and arrangement of these tracks but it never loses that soul or that persona the entire time and that just may be the most important part of it all.

Upon listening to this track it took it upon myself to take a little bit of a deep dive into some of the past releases from the band and I was delighted because there are some singles and an EP released before this record starting in 2021 and each of them gives a little bit of a different side to the band and how they work.

Plus, the fun part about finding a band that you enjoy is following the evolution of their sound, and one of the more fortunate things about Spotify is that it enables you to do such a thing.

These guys are taking each of their influences and embedding them into these songs and it comes through with a certain tastefulness and polish but also with those heavy grooves and heart.

Check this record out when you get a chance and definitely turn it up.

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