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A New Banger From Eye 5 Senses

A brand-new release from Eye 5 Senses hits a classic hip hop sweet spot with remnants of mid to late-90s rap groups feeding into the influence of the style of this track while also blending that perfect attitude and character in with their own spin on the style.

"Tims & Chucks Talk" is an absolute Banger and comes through as an instant classic, especially for fans of the genre that grew up in that time period.

Everything from the heavy-handed beat which serves as that deep-rooted backbone to the synths and keys along with a baseline that keeps everything flowing with a crispness, this track shines with presents and energy non-stop.

Let's also pretty awesome is the music video that comes along with the single because it also shows even more of the group's character but pushes the envelope just a little bit more in terms of letting those classic hip-hop influences shine through visually.

This for me was a little bit nostalgic and they really nailed that sound they were going for otherwise I wouldn't have felt that way.

The energy across the track is unparalleled and there was obviously a lot of attention to detail throughout the course of the single, but it never loses that classic hip-hop soul that it was birthed from.

This is clearly a love letter to their influences and a damn good one at that.

Check this one out as soon as you can, and I would suggest doing so with the music video itself because then you get the whole package and seeing the whole package is completely worth it.

Turn this one up loud.

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