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A new and Genuine Single from Hello London

The latest single release from Hello London gives off a lush indie rock approach but also gives hints of pop punk and alternative rock as well but the whole thing that grabs you about this track is its character which feels youthful at heart and when you're young you're looking for direction and essentially that's what this song is about along with the topic of fighting through certain kinds of struggles.

"All I Want Is A Road To Take" is kind of about feeling like you're someplace you don't belong and trying to figure out how to get to a place where you feel like you do belong and that is something that we've all dealt with or dealing with at some point in our lives so it's crazy how relatable it is and what gets you about this is just the sheer fact that artists like this can take that emotion and articulated into words of music when a lot of us can't even figure out how to express that in the first place.

Hello London, is a project seemingly helmed by songwriter James Froese and when you listen to the track you feel like for him this was possibly very cathartic to write and release out into the world but for the listener, it is relatable and understandable and some of us feel like we're not alone in these kinds of struggles or thoughts.

A lot of us can't understand how important that is but I understand that this is a gift in music and even though it may not have been meant for exactly that, it accomplishes that, so I adore this track for its very straightforward approach in honesty and how he's able to just wear his heart on his sleeves the way he does and let it all out.

Musically this is an awesome track with perfect guitar tone that balances that pop-rock feel and borders on a little bit of grunge at times or has that heart behind it and that character that you get attached to.

We need more music that gives you that sort of character so that songs become more connective the way this one does.

This is a sort of classic progression and a way and the song isn't reinventing the wheel by any means but it's spun in a direction that feels right and gives us a refresher because it keeps influences of all kinds of different progressive, pop rock, alternative rock, indie rock, and more from decades past it's all put together in one shot here which I think is a beautiful thing.

I love that youthful sort of cry out that we all feel when listening to this song and I hope it reaches the right people because if and when it does, it will affect them.

Music that you can feel something from is to be cherished and James has put something together that makes perfect sense and comes from someplace real so I would suggest listening to this and seeing how it affects you.

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