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A New And Boundary Breaking EP From SINS

A new and super honest alternative pop record released from SINS is a flurry of blended genres that burst into massive rock explosions while remaining incredibly p[oppy and colorful the entire time.

The songs on the Algorithms EP touches on a ton of real situations and happenings that we rarely think about but are in touch with most of the time. It's just these guys aren't afraid to sing about them.

The songs are blissfully truthful, and all have this awesome range and array of textures and tones that they manage to arrange and formulate into well...pop songs.

Some come across breezy and with a real summer vibe to them and they all have this attitude and slight swagger that really works like a charm for them.

You can hear jazzy and surfy undertones and a great character in the vocals and guitars as everything hits in these sorts of waves and bring things you didn't expect along the way.

there are tons of musical and vocal hooks, and it all has this welcoming feeling to them no matter what the lyrics are.

Then you get these massive alternative rock songs that have a different energy all together and bring with them bendy guitars and a garage rock tone that fuzzes out and feels just vast and huge while staying catchy and upswing.

The swagger remains. The characters change up, but all have this staple undertone and it's incredibly fun. You can actually hear how much these guys love their craft and it's just refreshing to hear that in the songs.

There is certainly more to it than you might think within a four song EP. It's short but it's not. It's got life and it's lush with excellent songwriting and variety. It's flavorful to say the least.

But don't take our word for it. Listen to it. It's more than worth your time.

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