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A Massive Single from The Star Prairie Project and Sandrine Orsini

A new single from The Star Prairie Project hits with a massive tonality that brings a sonic intensity to an alternative rock and metal style and does so with this deepening and vast undertone that reaches out and just grabs at you.

"My Kundalini" hits it hard with gigantic and heavy ref along with slamming drums right from the get-go so you already get some of the feel of this track but there are a lot of surprises around the corners including this massive cinematic backbone that hits spiritual tones and textures when you least expect it.

One of the things I adore about this track is its unreal deep pitted heaviness in combination with these robust and powerful vocals that are delivered with all the soul and those two elements come together so well that they complement each other and push the song past the envelope.

The guitar work across this track is absolutely unbelievable and I don't just mean solos and things like that, I mean the riffs and the progressions, the changes, and the arrangement of the entire track are just extremely well put together.

There's such an anthemic and emotionally driven feel behind this track in certain sections that it feels completely orchestrated at times and the song to an extent, is indeed orchestrated.

On top of that, the track has an unstoppable energy behind it, so it comes through impactful and powerful at all times and there is such attention to detail throughout the creation of this song but even with that, it never loses this character that's built into it from the first place.

You definitely pick up on elements of all different kinds of metal and rock that influence this track and that comes down to Nolan R. Chew Jr. who heads off this project and collaborates with all kinds of other musicians to get things done.

This makes the song even crazier to me because it's all the brainchild of this one person who must have a certain vision for a track before it's created.

It makes me wonder how something like this even begins and if the artist himself felt completely satisfied in the end after hearing the final product.

I sure hope so because the final product is amazing, and this track ends up feeling like more of an experience than a song itself because it's an escape.

This song takes you away from your surroundings for a chunk of time and brings you into this musical journey that paints these vivid pictures in your head and all of it has this sort of spiritual and almost gothic undertone to it in a strange way so it's themed and this is part of why everything works so well.

The song has a story and even that is orchestrated along with every other element of it so there was plenty of attention to detail building this song out.

I love that certain classic metal influences come through a times but it never takes away from the fresher and heavier style and the vocals are just intense so the energy between everyone involved in every instrument played, works together to create an atmosphere that you just fall right into and it's an intense one.

I would definitely suggest checking this track out and turning it up when you do and after that, I would also suggest that you take a little bit of a swim through the back catalog of this project because there are massive amounts of stuff to listen to and it all shows little bits of different sides of songwriting and approaches, but it has amazing guitar work across the board.

This was a blistering and heavy track that has a depth to it that I loved.

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