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A Massive new Single From Joybomb

A single release from Joybomb brings out a twist of classic punk rock energy and upright pop rock overtone that come together to create something that is both danceable and fun while giving as much edge as color.

"Tell Tale Boys" has a ton of drive and is clearly woven by a group of individuals who have a pure love for their craft as the track gives off an energy that's so electric it feels like maybe some of this song was recorded live on the floor because it seems like the players are feeding off of each other's energies the whole time.

Now, whether I'm right about that or not in the end, you end up wanting to see these guys live in your face because if an energy like that is captured on recording, then the live performance should be stellar.

There's also a great element of progressive and experimental Rock going on throughout the track with delayed guitars and organs that fill the air giving it a completely new atmosphere.

The riffs throughout this track are outstanding and one of the things that I really got pulled into was the fact that there are musical hooks along with the vocal hooks and that's something that I feel has been missing from all kinds of rock genres for the past few years at least.

This track definitely gives you a sort of anthemic feel because it's a real fist in the air sing-along and it gets your blood pumping from beginning to end.

There's also something sort of fantastical about it as well and it has the ability to whisk you away to a different place altogether for a moment in time and forget about your own reality which I absolutely love.

One of the most impactful things about this entire track is the level of heart that is thrown into it because that is one of the most evident things throughout the whole course of the song and that element alone is something that gives the song a massive drive and lets you feel it in your bones.

This track is packed to the brim with character and that persona has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

Something else I felt while listening to this track was this almost nostalgic feeling as if the song had already been a part of a certain chapter in my life growing up and that's something I haven't felt for a long time, so this was completely refreshing.

There's a lot to connect with on the single and I feel like Joybomb is the type of band that you want to keep an eye out for especially if you love real classic and driving pop rock that has momentum and impact.

These guys come in and deliver their tracks in their own way and are definitely paving their own way in the rock arena.

Check this single out and then while you're at it take a little bit of a deep dive into their back catalog on Spotify and you'll find a slew of outstanding releases including a full-length album that was released just last year.

Turn it up.

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