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A Massive EP Release From Betting On The End

A new EP release from Betting on The End delivers a unique approach to a progressive alternative and math rock soundscape that ropes in undertones from other genres to create an atmosphere that's not only all its own but has a massive character to it that quickly becomes the most addicting thing about it.

The All In EP spans three tracks but throughout those songs, you get such an array of brilliant time signatures, changes, progressions, hooks, and persona that really empower and drive this record from beginning to end.

As I said earlier, there are elements of a sort of math rock infusion here and some of that comes through in such an intense manner but the whole band has that not just the guitars so when I say hints of math rock, I mean the whole band is really putting that forward for spurts or moments of songs and it works so well.

What really gets me about this record is not even the technical attributes of the musicianship although believe me, it's pretty awe-inspiring.

It's really just the heart that this record has and how they deliver so much of that character throughout every second of these songs and no matter what part of which song you're listening to there is this almost cinematic and impactful feeling that you get from them.

I think this comes from the genuine and absolute love for their craft that emanates from this record.

The thing about it is the energy.

The energy on this record almost feels like these guys are performing these tracks live on the floor to record them in the first place and then maybe going back and dubbing things in later.

Now, I could be completely wrong about that and probably am for that matter but the point is, that energy feels like the players are feeding off of each other the entire time and this is what gives it such a unique and awesome tonality.

The whole thing has a certain gracefulness to it and when you listen to it you will understand that because everything about it has intricacies and attention to detail but they also have that love and heart involved and there's also messages that are being told.

There's so much going on for you to soak in but it all has such a beautiful forward-moving flow to it throughout all of its changes and progressions.

The songs are actually honest and feel like they come from experiences that drove the songs to fruition.

So because of this you get such a beautiful combination of technical, emotional, and musical drive.

You also get these great elements of late 90s underground alternative rock which is something that I impart grew up on and have a soft spot for.

These guys really now that aesthetic as well when they feel like it.

And that's the thing, these guys have such massive control over their sound as they're doing it it's incredible.

This really was sort of a mind-blowing record and when it's done you have to shake it off to kind of come back to your own reality again because you've escaped it for a moment in time.

Who doesn't love a record that can deliver something like that.

The only thing better than this record would probably be seeing them live.

I will give this record a straight up 9 out of 10 hands down.

Definitely check out this EP as soon as you get a chance to and don't just listen to one song, listen to the whole record.

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