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A Massive EP From Decibel MCBO

An EP release from Decibel Mcbo brings out a vivacious combination of melodic metal, thrash, and hardcore undertones, along with a vast soundscape that all come together to form something that feels anthemic, cinematic, and all comes with a serious sucker punch to the gut.

The MIDI.chlorian (Remastered) EP runs the gambit of intense sonic tonality along with hard-hitting breakdowns, pounding drums, and guitar tones that create an atmosphere for you to just fall right into.

I love the vocals across this pan of this record because it's a combination of deep grueling and screaming, and this melodic and powerful robust singing. Those elements come together so well with the textures of the music itself.

These guys certainly know how to create a heavy feel but also something that seems open and has an endless vastness and notes that flow through the ether creating an ambience that ends up swimming in the air that surrounds you.

Just when you find yourself floating through that alternative and heavy rock vastness, they thrash out with an aggressive and fierce section that leaves into something new as well and when it all comes together it's so forward moving and progressive.

By the time you get through the second track on this EP you start to learn that you need to expect the unexpected and I love that it's got these kinds of surprises around the corners because it makes the rest of it all that much more exciting.

You find yourself anticipating the next track even though the one that's playing right now is still blowing your mind.

These guys incorporate elements of early 2000s radio alternative rock, thrash metal, underground hardcore, and so much more all just rolled up into one blitzkrieg of a release.

It's super fun because they're able to pull off such crazy parts but also parts that go right along with them that are so insanely catchy that they stick with you for hours after the song is ended.

Both drumming and guitar work on this record or astounding and let the band push the envelope enough to create music with fewer boundaries in their predecessors.

There's still a lot of familiarities and they're not exactly reinventing the wheel, but what they are doing is putting their own feel and staple sounds to their influences and in doing so they're releasing something impactful and refreshing.

Something else that kind of blew me away here is that energy strewn across the record because it's completely endless and unstoppable and it gives you the idea that seeing them live must be crazy intense simply because the energy captured on the record is so bombastic.

The record does a great job of blending genres together and delivering builds and climaxes that really hit with a gusto while still giving you some surprises.

Sonically, the record has a pretty gigantic vibe and presence, so the entire thing has a whole has an addictive allure to it that hits you when the record is over because you end up wanting more of it.

This doesn't just have to do with the songwriting of the thing, but more how their physical sound is and how it's so driving and particular.

This is a record with character and that can't be denied so when you have this kind of impact soundscape-wise, and this kind of drive energy wise, and then you have this character that's applied as well, you have a record that you can't turn away from.

A lot about this release went beyond and it's something to look forward to for whatever they drop next.

I'm giving this a 9 out of 10 hands down.

Outstanding record from a killer band.

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