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A Massive Energy From Timothy McAllister & Liz Ames

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

The new release from Timothy McAllister and Liz Ames brings a fresh take on classical and jazz pieces that are riddled with character and life as the tracks are based on saxophone and piano and take those instruments to a different place with each new song.

The Project Nexus Vol. 1 album is packed with inventive and outstandingly crisp tracks that feel lush and full-bodied ads the players both put their heart and passion into the performances each and every time.

The songs get intense and at times seem almost scattered, but they are intricately put together and it seems like they are just feeding off of each other's energiers the entire time.

This was a beautifully arranged record from top to bottom and it's clear these two have a real love for thier crafts.

It feels like they've been performing together forever and the connection between them is fiery and amazing to hear.

This album makes you want to go see them in person just to witness how much fun they must be having throughout these songs and pieces.

It's all quite breathtaking and the piano and saxophone performances are on point all the time.

Songs are constructed with a great attention to detail and it's great to let them take you on adventures with them.

The whole record has impact and hits with a gusto and that energy is infectious.

Take some time with this release, it's worth it.

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