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A Massive and Driving Single from Video Nasty

A new single release from Video Nasty brings out a gritty and dark-edged soundscape that blends elements of alternative rock, industrial, grunge, and even a little bit of doom but it's all done with this very particular character and swagger in the vocals that makes them almost animated, and this is the kind of thing that reaches out and grabs at you.

"Videodrome" is riddled with this vast and hard-hitting sonic presence that gives off a certain kind of vibrancy, but it also has a little bit of this sort of sludgy effect that feels deep-rooted and unique.

One of the things that I loved most about this track is the sheer energy that's put forth almost as if this was recorded live on the floor and all the players involved were just feeding off of each other the entire time.

I think this element and energy really helps with the heaviness of the track, but it also has this super edgy fuzz tone distortion throughout it, and it feels dripping giving the song that sort of sludgy feel that I mentioned earlier.

That being said, the guitar riffs are awesome, and the vocals are performed with that sort of approach that helps push that edginess and push the drive of the song to where it needs to be.

Even if I'm wrong about the whole live on the floor thing, listening to this track certainly makes you want to see them thrash it out live in your face because if the energy on a recording is this well captured, then seeing you alive must be a real face melter.

There is this ambiance in the undertone of the track as well that has a vastness and almost cinematic feel to it at times almost like they're combining grunge with a shoe gaze type of approach, and I think that's a very engulfing soundscape.

This was thrashing and fun, delivered with charisma and attitude, the whole thing had a really good theme to it and the energy was completely unstoppable from beginning to end all of which make a song memorable.

I also really dig how these guys are influenced by different tones, sounds, genres, and even decades at times because some of the guitar parts on this track even feel a little bit nostalgic for me reminding me of certain kinds of bands I grew up listening to.

This is the type of track that you listen to more than once so you can soak it in and when you do listen to it, I would suggest doing it with headphones on or someplace you can listen to it nice and super loud because that's just what it was meant for.

This track is meant to be listened to in a way that it can wrap itself around you and keep you absorbed in it.

The whole song just has this immense sonic frequency that lets you sort of escape.

When you listen to the track you are definitely pulled away from your surroundings for a little chunk of time and that to me is an escape that only certain kinds of music can deliver.

Deep-pocketed grooves meshed with vast tones and a hard edge make for a killer track.

Check this song out when you can and be sure and turn it nice and loud.

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