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A Massive Alt-Rock Single Release from Pleroma

The latest single release from Pleroma hits a very vast alternative rock soundscape and it comes with this honesty that hits such an authentic sweet spot that it's actually very relatable and this is something that you end up attaching yourself to very quickly in the track.

"Let Me Go" certainly shows some inner struggle and I feel like it takes a lot to be able to put that out there the way this is done.

For the singer for lyricist, I feel like it was cathartic to write and release but for the listener it's understandable, and that mix of sadness and aggression is something that hits hard on this one but it makes it all the more real.

This is certainly for fans of harder-hitting alternative rock that feels like it could have been released in the late 90s or early 2000s but it also incorporates a little bit of a heavier edge at times as well that bleeds into a metal or even hardcore element which really reflects on the band's different influences coming together for the song.

The guitar tone is pretty much perfect across the board and the drumming is massive and tight but adds all this drive to the song and helps everything push the envelope.

I certainly really love that combination of character and heaviness because a lot of times those two things go together so well simply because of how honest it all is but these guys put their own approach to it and the song is an absolute banger from beginning to end.

I love the energy that's contrived on the song because it makes you want to go see them live in your face and it's because there's a certain level of heart that comes through on the track as well and you can tell this is a band that absolutely has a massive love for their craft and when I say that, I don't just mean playing their instruments together that have an impact and then putting them out to the world.

This track comes with a message and comes from someplace authentic and that's what makes it so addicting half the time.

Upon listening to this track, I had to go check out some of their previous releases and I'm glad that I did because the band has been releasing singles since early 2022 and each one has a little bit of a different side to the songwriting and persona that's delivered.

Some or heavier, some are vast, some base themselves on a more melodic tonality, but all in all these guys know exactly what they're doing when they come together to put a song out and the arrangements on these are outstanding as well as the performances by all parts.

This is one of those bands where if anyone was doing something different or if anyone was missing, it just wouldn't be the same.

This was a damn near perfect combination of old and new-school alternative rock and metal sounds that came together seamlessly, and the song was very well woven.

Don't be afraid to turn this one up because it sounds even better when you do.

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