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A Massive Album From Bouquet

A new album release from Bouquet brings out an edgy and character-riddled combination of alternative rock, metal, and indie rock all rolled up into a massive and almost theatrical feeling release that comes packed with memorable hooks, guitar riffs, and choruses to boot.

The Dressed-Up Animal album features some vast and massive sections of music that feel even anthemic at times with belting vocals and full-on harmonies that make the songs incredibly Lush and full-bodied.

The guitar tones across this record are damn near perfection as the record feels heavy but very melodic as well and you can clearly tell there was a lot of attention to detail during the creation process of these recordings however, it never loses this particular heart that it must have begun within the first place.

One of the things I really love about this is its element of escapism because this is an album you can really sit down and listen to from beginning to end and step outside of your reality and into a different world that they've created for you for a little while.

That escape is something that I've missed in music for a long time and that counts for all different kinds of genres not just rock.

So, to have it back now was incredibly refreshing and it actually feels really good to let this record just engulf you and flow with it.

There's also an incredible energy on this record that feels like the players are feeding off of each other the entire time and maybe the songs were recorded live on the floor, to begin with, and then they tracked additional stuff afterward, I'm not really sure but either way, it makes you want to see these guys live in your face.

If the energy is like this on a recording, then to see them live must be insane.

A lot of this to me feels like a concept record because there are certain ways that the songs seem to interconnect with each other, and they almost serve like chapters in a book in a strange way.

You can clearly tell that this was done by a group of people that have a real love for their craft which is not just songwriting but performing as well and they put a lot of thought into everything right down to the tones of the instruments and how they play through in balance with the vocals.

This was a lot of fun, and it wasn't just one thing. Meaning, it wasn't just a rock record. It has layers that you can peel back, and I do suggest that you listen to this record more than once.

There are definitely more than a few singles that stand on their own two feet very well, but I do feel like this is a record that was meant to be soaked in as a whole.

I know these things take time and who's got time these days, right?

On your drive home from work pop this record on and you might have enough time to get through it all but if not, you'll want to pick it back up the next time you get back in the car.

This was kind of a masterpiece of a rock record, and it kept to a certain staple feel and theme throughout it which is also something I haven't seen in quite some time so in a lot of ways this was a very refreshing record for me.

Definitely take a deep dive into this one when you get a chance.

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