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A Massive 2 Disc Release from Galan Trio

A new double album release from Galan Trio runs the gambit of everything from chamber pop to contemporary classical music with beautiful and lush orchestration, an improvisational undertone at times, and a wonderful set of textures that lay atop each other and create beautiful and full-bodied sort of atmospheres.

The Kinesis Vol.2 release is an incredible escape that has such a unique way of pulling you away from your surroundings and putting you into a completely different place altogether, and as you go through this release you become entrance by the soundscape and this kind of emotional undertone that you hear in certain tracks.

This was such an immense and expansive musical Journey that when it's over you have to snap yourself back into reality again and that to me is a gift in music altogether.

The string sections are playing with such passion and it's a combination of cello, violin, and piano which all come together to either let you drift away or haunt you, take you into the clouds, or bring you along for intense situations.

A lot of this record actually has different levels of intensities, and it all has that alive and breathing effect to it.

By the time you get to that second disc, you don't exactly know what to expect other than that it's going to have some kind of effect on you and it's going to pull you away from whatever you're doing so that you can kind of swim through everything that you're listening to.

Songs can be swirling with righteous energy or calming and peaceful, they can have a dark undertone or wrap themselves around you in different ways and it all is such a wondrous experience.

This is a lot to soak in but it's an amazing experience to do so to the point where I would say this is more an actual experience than a record release.

The music swells and sways, drifts, and explodes, and it has an effect on your psyche for different chunks of time which is cool, and this is where that sort of classical approach comes in.

Almost all of this is incredibly cinematic of course because you can see it in the scene of a film or TV show or anything else in between classic Twilight Zone for example.

I love stuff like that because it can be eerie in a way but it can also be beautiful and graceful.

This is a two-disc set so to speak, and you should listen to everything through which is a total of 17 pieces of music with some track spanning over 7 minutes.

This is an amazing release to listen to on the drive home from work or with headphones on alone on the couch so you can really kind of soak it in for everything it's worth.

This had as much color as it did edginess and you should listen to it and see how it affects you.

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