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A Lush New Single from Kyoshi Station

The latest single from Kyoshi Station hit a deep-rooted groove and a classic rock undertone that come together to make something that you can dance to or get lost in and I feel like that's something that's a rarity these days, but these guys pull it off almost naturally and they do it with a certain kind of charm as well.

The way the drums in the guitars work together on "Fanfare" is incendiary and these guys pull off this aesthetic of bands from the late 70s in a strange way, and that tonality is pretty nailed most of the time, but they also blend in a newer and vaster feel as well that bridges the gap between then and now.

The guitar riff is really what makes this track half the time along with the drumming because those two things are what give the song such a robust feel with the guitar tones being slightly touched with reverb and with such a heavy rhythm and groove while the drums just keep the pace, but they do just enough to give the song the exact drive that it needs to get where it's going.

The vocals have a lot of soul and at times they do these harmonies that create a hook that sticks with you, and I think that the energy that's displayed across this track is vibrant and electric plus, this track has a lot of experimental undertone as well and at a certain point towards the end of the song they burst into this really sort of edgy and '90s alternative rock feel but drenched in reverb this time.

There are a lot of surprises during the song, and I love how they keep those tones at such a distance like you're listening to them played in an empty church or something.

That effect kind of adds to the aesthetic of the song and does the job in terms of making sure everything sounds lush and part of that has to do with the mix of the track which is crazy because a song like this would have sounded completely different if it was less wet and drier in terms of the effects used.

This goes to show you how much effort goes into the mix of a song and how much different it can turn out if that process was done differently with ideas that didn't quite work as well.

It's really important to have a good engineer or maybe someone in the band even did it who knows.

Either way, the combination of the way the song is formulated and put together with the actual mixing of it makes this song massive and it still keeps that rock value along with these other layers that sit atop of everything and make things sound vast.

This was an awesome track that gives you a lot more than you first expect, and it makes you want to see these guys perform it live.

I listen to this track at least four times in a row because the first time you listen to it you miss certain aspects of it. And then the second time you hear you pick up on certain things.

I think that's a really cool attribute and this is a track that's well worth your time, to say the least.

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