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A Lush and Vivid Album From Andrew Jazz

The sounds of Andrew Jazz reach from classic rock to theatrical and cinematic storytelling that feel more like folk songs and singalongs that come through with a deepening and detailed set of descriptions and music that brings together several sets of textures into each song.

We Didn't Listen is a full album release and the songs range in style and diversity with piano, keys, guitars, and more. The songs do have a heavy piano backbone and the performances are passionate and lush.

The alum actually feels quite like a concept album of sorts and the songs sound like chapters in the story as changes bring minor to major and dark to light all laid out with emotional build and drive.

The guitar work and drumming is superb on this entire record as the tracks have such a fresh feel and manage to stay genuine and almost rustic at times.

Snares roll with an effortless feel and the songs rise up and become dramatic and emphasized with progressions that play a major part on the entire project coming together the way it does.

This is all in the songwriting.

Vocals are melodic but very graceful sounding as they lay out lyrics that paint pictures vividly in your head and his words are precise as there is a very intense attention to detail.

This is one of those albums that you should really listen through as a whole.

Each song does have a little something different to bring to the table but the entire album feels more fulfilling and does allow the full piece to come together the way it was meant to.

This was a very heavy record emotionally especially in the performances and the songs are for those who love stories and passion.

This was a beautiful and vast album and it should be heard at home with headphones on and maybe a nice glass or whiskey.

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