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A Lush And Memorable Album from Caleb Hester

A fresh new release from Caleb Hester brings out quite a refreshing and crisp acoustic pop feel and style complete with a wonderfully lush songwriting approach, some outstanding guitar tones, and a knack for storytelling.

The sea of dreams album is brimming with full bodied melodies, hooks that leave a mark, and everything seems to be painted with such a gorgeous pallet that the songs have a way of sticking with you and even allowing memories of your own to pop into your head at random times. These are the kinds of things that make music more than just sound. Songs like these allow you to take these little musical journeys really. The storytelling aspect and the excited melodic drive and energy of songs like these really have a way of grabbing at you and not letting go.

It's pretty obvious that this isn't the artist's first rodeo of course. The songwriting is done with a seasoned approach, and everything feels alive and breathing. It's as if a full band was recording live on the floor and each player was feeding off of each other's energies the whole time.

What's really cool about this record is not just the songwriting but also Hester's ability to create chapters for you to join in on and do doing it with a tasteful and almost graceful performance is something that becomes a little addictive.

The artist's voice is robust when it needs to be and subtle when those times come as well. He's got a great dynamic and the way that he sings his songs, and it falls perfectly into the songwriting style so that everything fits like puzzle pieces. The same goes for the arrangements and melodic structures of the songs as well. Now, I'm not trying to get too technical of course because the songs also rock. These are songs that do pull you away from whatever you're doing and take you for that ride.

The guitar work on the record is awesome and the songs come through clearly and at times with an impact.

This is surely an album with more than a few jams however listening to the whole record at once really lets you soak it in properly. I'd suggest some headphones and a night alone. It's one of the best ways to really indulge on a record like this.

This one's for fans and for songwriters alike. This is well worth your time.

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