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A Lush and Detailed Album Release from Cestari

An album release from Cestari delivers a wonderfully lush and avant-garde set of jazz-toned songs that come through with these connective characters and personalities very often and because of that, you end up getting attached to not only the lyrical aspect of the record, but the musical aspect as well.

The In A Moment album is indeed built off of a jazz-oriented soundscape with instruments ranging from keys to bowed instruments and more but what actually reaches out and grabs you is the approach and how living and breathing these arrangements and compositions are.

The record is very gracefully performed and there are so many different undertones that range from a cinematic and almost haunting approach to a pop-coated singer-songwriter style but it also incorporates just about everything in between.

This is all rolled up into one opus of an album that also has no problem coming through with an honest and genuine feel.

This is part of what builds that character I mentioned earlier. Some of the songs are so incredibly descriptive that you know they came from actual thoughts or situations.

The record also has this connective aspect between tracks, so it feels almost like this is a concept album of sorts.

This is only one of the reasons that you should be listening to this record from beginning to end.

The other reason is because if you only listen to one or two songs off of this record, then you're getting nowhere near the full spectrum of what it actually has to offer.

This album, if listened to from start to finish, is an incredible escape and has the ability to pull you away from your surroundings for a good slice of time and then when it's over you have to shake it off and react yourself back to wherever you are again.

I love an album that engulfs you like this one does because you don't get it that often so when it comes along it's very refreshing and almost rejuvenating in a way.

The opening and closing of this piece of work are really incredible because the introduction or prologue to the album is a minute and a half of two vocals that are fluctuating harmonies like cellos would, so when you listen to what you feel like the piece was actually meant for cellos in the first place.

The epilogue or ending of the record is an absolutely massive and glorified, cinematic piece of work that comes through with crazy levels of intensity and that whole aspect has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

A lot of this record does that. It grabs on to you so that you have to see a song through to the end. You have to see the album through to the end.

When was the last time you heard a record that you couldn't walk away from halfway through it?

This is most certainly one of those albums.

So, all in all, you have versatility, elements of classical composition, loads of addictive warm and almost haunting jazz personality and character, charisma, vivaciousness, honesty, and it all men together seamlessly.

The record is just over 42 minutes in length and again, I'm strongly suggesting that you not only listen to it all the way through, but you do so with headphones on so you can really soak in everything that's happening throughout this record.

The composition, those jazz-esque moments of Improv, the detail lyrical components, and everything else.

Dive into this one when you can because it's more than worth your time.

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