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A Killer Ep Release from Milkshake Grenade

A new EP release from Milkshake Grenade brings out a combination of alternative and indie rock tonalities that come with a heavy emotional drive and at times even math and pop punk approaches that all get rolled into one EP and it's the character that you end up getting attached to the most right from the get-go.

The self-titled EP is full of surprises around the corners and some of these tracks even have such a cinematic backbone and some brutally heavy sections that you don't expect to hit as hard as they do.

It's been a while since I've heard a rock release that has so much of an array of different and diverse styles in one record and to me it's very relieving because it reminds me at times of underground alternative rock music from the late '90s that you'd have to find through magazines and then download songs off Limewire.

Because of this aesthetic, a lot of these songs come through with a nostalgic undertone from me specifically, but I think for a lot of other people it'll feel the same.

One of the best things about this record is the absolutely incredible energy that the songs are giving off because they feel almost like live performances where the players are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

Perhaps some of these were recorded live on the floor and then dubbed in with some extra stuff later. I can't be sure of that of course but either way, this record surely makes you want to go see Milkshake Grenade live in your face simply because if the energy on the record is captured so well then seeing them live must just be incredible.

This was a massive release that has such edgy tones but also such drifting feels at the same time because a lot of it has to do with this breed of honesty that's delivered vocally almost like classic punk rock of the early 80s where there's this rawness involved and emotion that's given in the form of both Sullen sadness and aggression at the same time.

I love this feel because everything about it comes through genuine and authentic.

The lyrics on these songs come from real places, real emotion, real situations and that's what makes the songs so relatable, and it also allows you to kind of feel what they're feeling and that's something that grabs a hold of you as well.

The guitar tones are outstanding throughout this release and they're also ever changing at the same time so again, from one song to the next you never know what you're going to get even when you get halfway through a track, it could explode into something completely different at any point in time.

By the time you get halfway through this four-track EP, you begin to expect the unexpected and the best ways possible.

Again, one of the most impressive things about this is not only the arrangement and the approach to the performances on this record, but it's the persona that gets delivered because it feels youthful and intense.

The drumming is outstanding and helps push the songs with a great drive but also adds this sort of vigor to everything that gives the songs that sense of swelling and being alive and breathing.

This is an EP I'm going to hold on to for a while because not only does it give me that nostalgic feeling, but it's done with the damn near perfect aesthetic and that's what counts here because I don't even think they do that on purpose.

I think this is just how they do their thing and it's written and performed with heart.

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