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A Killer EP From Kindred Found

A new EP release from Kindred Found brings out a classic rock undertone soiree of singles that all have an infectious energy that beckons live performances as all the players involved feel like they're feeding off of each other the entire time making the entire record feel alive and breathing.

The Bones EP brings together elements of blues, rock, ska, pop, folk rock, and so much more and just rolls it all up into one massive feeling record even though it only spans three songs.

Now this is something I love about the record because when you have a release that has three tracks, but it feels like it's six tracks, you have something really good on your hands because you're listening to songs that have push, drive, meaning, and life to them so everything sounds lusher.

Some of these tracks have a heavy cinematic backbone along with this great classic rock feel that's almost always there and this has a lot to do with the instrumentation like organs for example that are always in the mix filling the ether of the songs.

These grooves are deep at times, and you can't really help but start moving to these tracks which I think is a really big part of the appeal here along with the persona and the character that the whole record delivers.

This is important because a lot of records have great songs of course but not everything has character behind it the way that this record does and that's important because this is part of what you become attached to when you listen to something new.

This whole thing does give that live performance tonality and it makes you want to see them perform because if the energy, vibes, and color of these songs really come through like this on a recording then seeing them live must be amazing.

There are acoustic and clean guitars mixed with electric rock guitars, the drumming is super intense when it needs to be and always right in the pocket, guitar solos have heart and life behind them, and the vocals have this sort of perfect grittiness giving everything that persona I spoke of earlier.

So it all has this sort of drive to it and the songs have a strange way of coming together and making the record feel almost like it's a short concept EP.

This is cool as well because you don't get that often but again, this is a little bit outside the box although it feels very warm, welcoming, familiar, edgy, and with a perfect balance of that color and that energy.

The guitar work is astounding across the board and is the icing on the cake for this whole record and a big part of its appeal because the performance guitar-wise especially has a lot of that soul packed into it.

Plus, these songs really do deliver certain kinds of hooks and choruses that stick with you for hours after songs have ended and I love that about it as well.

The only way to say she ate something like that is to listen to the songs again and to me that's just smart songwriting but I think for Kindred Found that is something that comes naturally to them.

Definitely check this out as soon as you get a chance and listen to the whole EP as opposed to just one song because it's well worth your time.

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