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A Killer Double Single From Girlbossanova

The latest release from girlbossasnova is a double single that serves as a soiree of melodic and fiery rock that covers both riot and grunge along with a flowing alternative feel that hits certain nostalgic sweet spots from the late 90s and early 2000s Underground sound.

The release boasts a massive energy and at times you get the feeling that maybe these songs were recorded live on the floor just from the way it feels like the players are feeding off of each other the entire time.

Even if that's not right, that energy is insane, and it does indeed make you want to see them perform live in your face just so you can really soak in that vibrant and slightly gritty punch that they give.

This record gives me hints of bands like L7 or Bikini Kill but that's existent more in the first of the two singles called "the hat man pt.2" where you get a good dose of that attitude and fire.

The second track, dubbed "Sick" gives me more of a Veruca Salt-type feel and that's because the vocals are more flowy and melodic, and the music is a little less punk and thrash and a little more alternative and bigger.

Seeing that I love all of these bands, this record really hit me the right way and left me completely satiated but still wanting more.

You can tell that this comes from a group of musicians that have a real love for their craft and they do this for that passion.

And most art and music, is a passion project but you get the sense that this band has more up their sleeve, and I hope they do because I'm definitely anxious to see what comes next from them.

I absolutely love how heavy these songs come through sounding and a lot of that has to do with the mix as well because the drums and specially that kick drum really cuts through everything leaving the guitars edgy and the vocals sitting at top perfectly giving you these different atmospheres and adding layers to the songs.

This was an incredibly fun and memorable record that at times made me warm and fuzzy with nostalgia and also left me a little bit in awe in terms of all the different influences being rolled up into one release this way.

It's been some time since I heard a release quite like this one and the way that it's recorded and delivered for me, was aesthetically perfect.

I would definitely give this record a solid 9 out of 10 and if you are a lover of classic riot rock, punk, massive and vast alternative rock, and all the heavier rock of that underground '90s scene, then you'll love this band and this release.

But don't take my word for it, listen for yourself and when you do, don't be afraid to turn it loud because this is one of those records where the ladder it goes, the better it gets.

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