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A Killer Cover From Inherently Lost

A recent single release from Inherently Lost is a unique cover of a classic Motley Crue single called "Red Hot" and they certainly give it their own spin by bringing in a blend of that classic Vibe but with heavier and more trudging riffs and a set of double vocals, one melodic and Powerful, the other grueling and grinding.

One of the things I really liked about this is the drumming because the drumming has a unique way of sticking to the original but bringing in something a little new as well but then again, the whole band is doing that in their own way.

This is not an easy song to cover so I definitely give them props for even the attempt but, I can say they pulled it off quite well and still kept it and owed to the original song.

I mean, you have to have a real love for attract to be able to cover it and the way that they do it is by taking their own staple sound and putting a new twist on that original classic but with a different sort of tasteful style.

The guitar work on this is awesome and I absolutely love the tonality of the entire track because this is part of what makes it so fresh and new.

This is a great example of a band who gets at it with fewer boundaries than their predecessors and it takes a full band of people that have a real love for their craft to be able to pull this off.

When I say a love for their craft, I don't just mean their instruments, but they're actual songwriting and being able to build a song together.

The performances on this track are stellar and most of it is really spot on melodically but again, they take it a little bit into their own Direction which is what you want to do when you're doing a cover song.

You want people to recognize the song which you certainly can, but you also want to give it your own twist and your own reshaping because we've already heard the original 100 times so hearing a cover of it is something where you expect some freshness.

Something like this takes a lot of passion but it also takes a high level of musicianship to be able to pay attention to the details and the intricacies when it comes down to covering a song by a band like Motley Crue.

This is important to understand because people that don't listen to that kind of heavy or hard rock, don't really understand how much heart goes into it but also how much musicianship you have to have to be able to do this right.

This isn't pushing buttons and using loops.

This is knowing the chords, the timing, the notes, the tones, and so much more.

Motley Crue was an amazing band, and they definitely had their own staple sound in terms of that genre.

You have to have a lot of the same aspects when you're covering their song otherwise it's just not going to work.

Luckily, Inherently Lost has a lot of their own staples and attributes that they bring to the table, and this was an amazing choice for them to cover.

It also gives you a good feel for the band itself a little bit.

This was a killer track with outstanding energy to the point where it feels like it was almost recorded live on the floor and then added on to later.

Of course, I could be completely wrong about that, but either way, it makes you want to see this band live.

This was a successful attempt at covering a difficult song to pull off and they seem to have done it without a hitch.

A killer rendition by a killer band.

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