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A Killer and Expansive heavy Rock Record from A Good Rogering

If you're not super familiar with the sounds of A Good Rogering, then let us be among the first to introduce you as the band has released an 8-track LP dubbed systematic paralysis and this is most certainly one of those albums that you listen to from beginning to end because listening to only one or two tracks will give you nowhere near the full spectrum of what the album has to offer.

This record hits with a heavy alternative rock and metal sound but also bleeds into a classic sort of '90s southern-toned rock feel at times, and the combination of all these approaches makes for a record that leaves a mark.

The album does an amazing job of bleeding together these heavy rock and metal subgenres with ease, and you can hear the different influences that each member brings to the table throughout the various tracks on the record itself.

This is something that I find interesting because there are no two songs that feel the same but there is a confluence and a glue that holds everything together damn near perfectly to the point where it almost feels like it's a concept record of sorts.

Listening to this album is like an escape away from your reality because when you listen to it you are pulled away from your surroundings and put in this other place altogether and that's because of the lush tones and lyrics that are given off.

As you listen through you get soulful guitar work and solos, bombastic riffs, and a unique sort of heaviness that blends melody and power together.

What's more is the band's electric energy across the span of this record because the way it's portrayed almost feels like the songs were recorded live on the floor to some extent and the players are feeding off of each other the whole time giving the songs the feeling of being alive and breathing in their own way.

The drumming is amazing, and it plays a huge part in giving these songs the added drive that helped them push the envelope enough to hit as hard as it needed to.

The vocals are expansive and also have this very sort of southern soulful feel to them and they belt out when they want to, and they come through subtly in the right sections as well, so this also adds to that really in-depth sort of performance that the record delivers.

Again, I can't explain enough how this is the type of album that you listen to in full because that's the way it was meant to be soaked in.

Coming from a time where I grew up listening to full albums no matter what, this is a real pleasure for me because not enough bands do it anymore.

I get that we live in a single-based society, but I'm so bored of that and I miss the days when I would hear one track and immediately go and buy the full album so I could get the full experience of all the songs together because that is a different thing altogether.

This album is more of an experience than just an album and that's because there's so much to it in terms of the lyrics, the performances, the eclectic songwriting approaches, the musicianship in general, the charisma, the energy, it's all there right in your face.

I certainly have missed records like this one.

Take a deep dive into this album as soon as you can, don't be afraid to turn it up, and see how it affects you.

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