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A Killer Album Release from Cars On Fire

The latest album release from Cars On Fire delivers a high-octane and vivacious soundscape with an alternative rock backbone and a vocal swagger that hits with just the right attitude and energy to re you in and keep you right where it wants to.

The Burning at Both Ends album delivers of Soiree of rock subgenres that bleed into each other seamlessly and give you this energy that you can feed into from minute one all the way to the end of the record.

There are a lot of surprises around the corners and there's something about this record that feels like it was recorded live on the floor because it feels like everyone involved is just feeding off of each other the entire time giving this live performance energy and vibe.

Even if I'm wrong about the whole live on the floor thing, listening to this record makes you want to see this band live in your face simply because if the energy on the record is captured like this, then seeing them live must just be face-melting.

The guitar tones alone across the record are damn near perfect and they help the sound push forward along with the drums that hit hard and give these songs and add a heavy drive but vocally you get this sort of intense and animated character that can change from song to song and that to me is so adaptive and brilliant that it makes you have to listen to the whole album.

I adore this record because it reminds me of a multitude of bands that I grew up listening to and that's because they can take this punk rock undertone and mix it with an alternative rock backbone and then couple it with these elements of underground 90s rock approaches that all create an atmosphere in a way.

Some songs are performed with a certain kind of soul vocally While others are done with more of a grittiness and whichever kind you get it's impactful and makes the songs super memorable.

This is the kind of band that gives you something when you listen to their record and that thing stays with you for hours or sometimes days after the record is over and the only way to satiate wanting to hear those hooks or that guitar riff or that vocal part, is to listen to the songs again.

If that's not smart songwriting I don't know what the hell is but I'll tell you right now, this band just has a natural ability to do it.

The way they bring old school and new school together in terms of rock in general is brilliant and there's a fire behind every single song on this record.

I mean seriously, if you get a chance to go see Cars On Fire live, please do because this record is just intense.

A lot of these songs really just thrash out with a vivacious and endless fierceness but it's also incredibly fun and you can tell everyone in the band is just having an absolute blast doing this.

This is one album that I would heavily suggest listening to all the way through because, although there are songs that stick out as singles to me, you don't want to miss out on anything because then you're not getting the full scope or spectrum of what these guys can really pull off.

This was heavy in all the right ways, it hit all the sweet spots that you could want and more from a super heavy hard rock record, it gives you character, it gives you persona, energy, fire, and so much more all rolled up into one juicy 8-track banger of a record.

Be sure and turn this nice and loud because it only gets better as it gets louder.

This whole record gets a solid 9 out of 10 from me because everything about it hits me like a sucker punch to the gut and God, I've missed that.

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