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A Huge and Honest Album Release from Caleb Taker

A new album release from Caleb Taker delivers a wondrous cross between a flowing and ambient pop tonality, R&B, and hip hop all blended together with a combination of color and edginess that deliver an atmosphere that you fall right into as it wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to.

The Echoes of a Previous Life album is brimming with character and honesty, and these are the elements that attach themselves to you so quickly that you end up wanting more and more of it as the record goes on, and you certainly get it.

The tracks on this record have cinematic backbone at times and are delivered with passionate vocals and outstanding production that give such a vastness to a lot of these tracks but one of my favorite attributes about the whole thing is how by the time you get halfway through the record; you don't really know exactly what to expect because the songs have range and diversity to them.

There is certainly a glue and a staple sound and feel that the record comes with, but certain elements of genres push to the forefront more than others on different songs so one song is going to be way more hip-hop than another that would be far more indie or dream pop even.

This is something I absolutely adore because this lets you always be surprised and this album does indeed have some surprises around its corners but again, it's that character and persona that you really latch on to and that is lush and thick with detail and honesty that feels like at times some of these songs must have been cathartic for the artist to actually write and release.

Although there is a lot of attention to detail throughout the course of this record, lyric wise, production wise especially, and so much more, it never loses that character even for a second and that might be the most important aspect of the whole thing.

This all definitely feels like the songs serve as different chapters in the artist's life and for Caleb to be able to take certain emotional drive and spin it into words let alone words and music is really intense at times.

A lot of us have emotions obviously, and thoughts, and struggles but a lot of us also don't know how exactly to articulate them so when you hear an artist like this it's a little eye-opening.

The reason for that is because you can relate to them and some of them make you think of your own people or your own situations. connection to have in any kind of music.

This is one album that you definitely want to listen to from beginning to end as a whole because I think that's how it was meant to be soaked in.

Besides, if you listen to only one or two tracks, you're not really getting the full range of what the album gives off or delivers and that's just sad.

I come from a time period when you'd hear a song somewhere or read about it in a magazine, and then you'd go and buy the entire album even if it was just for one track.

Listening to that entire album is an experience and it opens you up to other songs from it, so I feel like right now we live in such a single-based society that not enough artists are giving albums a chance the way they used to so hearing Caleb's album was such a refreshing thing for me.

This is a record that has charisma, meaning, intensity, personality, honesty, and a lot of hooks and melodies that end up sticking around in your brain for hours or sometimes even days after the songs have ended.

A very well woven release from Caleb Taker.

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