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A Haunting and deepening set of songs from Kiara will move you

Kiara just dropped a haunting and beautiful track called "Ghosts At Night" and it's powerful performance and songwriting approach stands out to say the least.

The single is cinematic and deepening as acoustic guitars and piano whisk you away to her world and believe me, there is apart of you that wants to stay there.

The track swells and sways with strings and floating background vocals and Kiara is a master at using her voice as an instrument.

"Ghosts At Night" has a dark undertone and passionate showcase of the artists graceful style.

You will get swallowed by the song. That goes without saying. It wil engulf you and you will have to stand up and look around the room once it's over, just to get your footing again.

This is an almost awe inspiring piece of work and serves as an excellent follow up to her previous single "Bodies" which also portrays an cinematic and wonderous soundscape of diatnd and ambient tones and colors.

Kiara has a sort of theatrical feel to how she writes her songs and she obviously gives all her heart in each performance as the songs have the ability to move you as they haunt.

An outstanding set of singles from Kiara well worth digging into now.

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