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A Guitar Driven EP Release From Solnedgang

A new EP release from Solnedgang brings out a lush but hard-hitting alternative rock tonality that blends in elements of vastness and color with that edginess making things bigger and creating an atmosphere that's all its own.

The Valkyrie EP is comprised of four tracks that each deliver a little bit of a different vibe, and each has this sort of cinematic backbone with changes that build an intensity and a character that you can't look away from.

These tracks are performed with amazing layers of guitars that give off harmonies and textures that combine with each other and let you sort of get engulfed by the soundscape that you're hearing.

This record has an outstanding array of this sort of emotional drive and the songs go from a thrashing metal and alternative rock into these open and vast areas of tones and notes giving the songs the effect of being alive and breathing.

This is the kind of EP that you listen to as a whole from start to finish because although there are a couple of tracks that would do well as singles on their own, this was meant to be soaked in entirely in one shot.

These songs have ways of interconnecting with each other, and they serve as almost chapters like reading a book and part of that element gives you the feeling of escapism because you can escape into these songs and this record entirely and forget about your surroundings for a good chunk of time and this to me is a brilliant gift of music in general.

The compositions and arrangements are well thought out but even with all the intricacies and attention to detail, it never loses that persona or feeling that it begins with in the first place, and by the time you get to the end of the record you have to snap yourself back into reality again.

I adore this aspect of the record, and this is part of that cinematic backbone that I spoke of earlier.

The way that you can easily see these tracks in the scenes of films is uncanny.

The change in progressions and moods and how those switch back and forth is very smart and these songs let you get washed away with them entirely.

It's heavy when it wants to be, but it's mellow when it wants to be as well.

It gives off this unique range of emotions musically that are easy to pick up on because they change your vibe as you listen to those progressions.

The guitar work across this EP is outstanding and you can feel the heart and passion that went into this record and how maybe the recording process of it all is where this artist is in his zone.

Beautiful and changing soundscapes pull you in and let you feel a few feet above the ground and then surprise you with aggressive rock that changes the mood quickly before exhaling back down into those sullen or calm tones again.

This record boasts a lot of brilliance in my opinion and there was a ton of love that went into making it.

This was a unique and refreshing release that gave off a ton of approaches and textures, emotions and moods, and so much more for you to soak in.

Check this record out with headphones because it's the best way to do it.

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