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A Gorgeous Release From The New Solarism

A new EP by The New Solarism is a set of songs that display a lush and expansive set of textures and soundscapes that melt into each other and create atmospheres that you're able to swim through at any given time and if you close your eyes and listen to this record all the way through, you'll be taken away to a place that is not your own reality and that feels amazing.

The Hibernaculum EP spans a full 41 minutes and change and throughout that chunk of time you hear these beautifully orchestrated sets of instrumentation that send you through a vast end sort of personal Journey.

There is a wondrous level of fantasy that gets drawn out of you while listening to this record and you end up just picturing these different things in your head so vividly while you're listening that when the record's over you feel like you've watched a film or a play at a theater.

This is the kind of escape that you get while listening to this release and it's something that feels like it keeps on giving.

There are some surprises around some of the corners of this release, but this is so calming but also so intense, the dynamic balance of energy throughout this release is unbelievable and you become so wrapped up and so engulfed by everything that in the end you have to find a way to reacclimate yourself back to your surroundings again.

The strings on this EP are a key factor because they're in all the songs and along with that you get these huge ambient undertones, and it feels like you're floating face up in a body of water staring at the stars in the night sky and thinking about your past.

But again, it is a bit more fantastical than that had as you listen through and how that plays out is completely up to you but in my opinion personally, this is a concept record.

I feel like these songs interconnect in a particular way and that you're meant to listen to the whole record from beginning to end because that's the only way to soak this in the way you were supposed to. The way it was meant to be. The way it was written.

You really do end up feeling washed away with the entire soundscape by the end of the record, and it doesn't drain anything from you, but it strangely replenishes you.

I feel like there's so much sort of persona or character attached to this release, and everything just hits with such a beautiful and forward-moving pace but at a subtle and ever-growing sort of pace at the same time.

There's a lot about this record that is powerful and impactful and it's something that you need to set aside some time to share with yourself because this is an experience all in all.

If you are a lover of any kind of music whatsoever, if you are a lover of cinema, if you are a lover of orchestra, if you are a lover of bode instruments and ambient tones, this is 100% for you.

I'm giving this record a 10 out of 10 which is unbelievably rare I promise you but I have to because this release closed off reality for me and I was 100% soaked in and in the moment with every note and every emotion behind them.

Do yourself a favor and listen to this record.

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