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A Gorgeous and Haunting Release from Elyssa Vulpes

A recent single release from Elyssa Vulpes comes through lush and theatrical with a mass amount of character and an almost fantastical overtone that's built by way of an array of instrumentation that comes through with both a haunt and a glimmer at the same time.

"The Night Is Falling" has a vast and beautiful backbone that continues to grow and intensity the deeper you go into the track, and this gives it the feeling of being alive and breathing in a way.

There are indeed sways and swells along with surprises around some of the corners but all in all this track takes you to another world altogether and that in itself is wondrous.

This is a song that you can escape into and by the time you get to the end of this one song, you've completely forgotten about your surroundings and it's almost like you just read a chapter in a good book or watch the scene of an amazing film and have gotten sucked into this other place for a chunk of time.

As soon as the song ends you have to sort of reacclimate yourself back to your reality again which is something that impresses me.

This track has driving percussion, beautiful and Angelic vocals that again, can haunt when they want to but can also feel flowing and bright when they want too as well.

It also has intense string sections that deliver these melodic layers and a piano that comes through as intense as the vocals.

I feel like the piano and vocals were recorded at the same time maybe live on the floor because the energy level between the vocals and the piano are so in sync with each other that it's infectious.

There is so much persona and character dripping from every aspect of this song that you can't help but fall right into it and in the end, get washed away with the entire soundscape of it all.

This feels like a massive opus of a song that has a certain element of class and a borderline genius style of arranging and composing that brings together this theatrical and flowing set of textures and has it all swim around through the air that's around you.

The melody lines stick in your head for hours after the song has ended and the entire feeling that the track gives you also stays with you for quite some time.

This was beautifully done and gracefully performed by every single person that was involved and the way that they are all in sync with each other and how the track has such a massive tonality leaves you a little bit in awe.

After listening to this song, not only am I going to be looking out for anything else that Elyssa releases but I'm going to take a little bit of a deep dive into her back catalog on Spotify because I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of material there that progressively shows her evolution as an artist and that I want to know more about.

Put on some headphones and listen to this song as soon as you get a chance especially if you want to get whisked away to a distant and intense world.

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