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A Genuine Single from Adam Ashten

A new single release from Adam Ashten delivers a warm and nostalgic tonality and it's delivered with a lot of heart and a classic rock-inspired songwriting approach that all comes together with an incredibly relatable premise and the whole thing boasts such a lush character that you just can't let go.

"Teenage Days" comes through with a light-hearted but genuine feel and this is all because it obviously came from a real place as the artist lovingly recalls certain teenage days and this is something that we can all understand as long as we're of a certain age of course.

What really grabbed at me about this track is not only this blend of classic and '90s indie rock sounds but also the way he describes his memories because the whole thing causes memories of your own to pop into your head and that is a connection that's rarely made in music.

There's something kind of beautiful about that and about the song itself because everything from the guitar tones to the vocals have this sort of warmth to it and it's not just because of the lyrical content being about how he's reminiscing.

It's more the entire song as a whole and how it all comes together with the lyrics because the music fits so well in terms of the energy and the tonality of what the song is meant to be that it all works out like a charm.

Certain details of what he sings about allow you to actually paint vivid pictures in your own head and the whole song comes through with this perfect dynamic balance that blends a certain kind of color with a certain kind of edgy undertone times that feeds into that whole indie rock vibe.

I also absolutely adore the way that he wears his heart on his sleeves in a certain way because he's talking about something that we all think about as older men and women.

Sometimes we miss our teenage days whether they were good or bad and everything that came along with it so to have someone be able to articulate those feelings and thoughts into words and music like this is amazing.

We all have different kind of emotions and thoughts and feelings but a lot of us can't articulate that into anything really and so to have an artist be able to pull that together and make it so understandable is a wonderful thing.

One of the other things I loved about this track is the fact that it had a great guitar hook which also beckons that indie rock soundscape and it's such a bendy and windy feeling hook, but it sticks with you forever.

A lot about this song kind of stays with you even just the energy and vibe that it gives you.

This is the kind of song that you listen to a few times or more as opposed to just once because I think getting that certain feeling by listening to a song is unique and when you get it it's refreshing in a way so, you end up looking for that feeling again and to satiate that you listen to the song again.

Adam has certainly pinpointed a lot of the sweet spots that make a song meaningful, but he does it in his own way and keeps that rock tone strong, but all in all, it's that persona that he delivers throughout the track that keeps you wrapped up in it.

This is definitely a wonderfully woven walk down memory lane for Adam, but it also lets us take that walk as well right alongside him.

I think we need more music like this in the world in general no matter what the genre.

Songs that make us think and feel are important, and I hope that this track affects you the way it affected me.

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