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A fresh single from Michael Little Blends Hip Hop and Soul

A new single from Michael Little delivers a fresh and edgy blend of R&B, pop, and hip-hop all rolled up together in one banger that hits all the sweet spots a track of the genre should and more as it's delivered with tons of character and a style that's great for the clubs, the car, or a party.

"Operate" is a sexy soiree that hits hard when it needs to and also gives off such soulful vocal approaches that the whole thing comes through colorful and edgy, radio-friendly, and done with a natural knack for delivering a memorable swagger.

This is the kind of track that you play nice and loud and the chorus of the track has a way of sticking with you for hours or even days after the track has ended and the only way to satiate that is to pump the song again which is just great songwriting if you ask me.

The track has such a smooth flow to it but it also hits with a great and vibrant energy at the same time so the blend of those two things brings smooth and rough together to create an atmosphere and it works like a charm.

The arrangement of this track is extremely well done as that chorus and hook are hit quite a few times through to the end of the track and that's part of why it sticks with you for so long but it also has this sort of persona that's given off and you end up letting that get wrapped around you as well.

This track has such a strong production behind it and it's slightly outside the box but also familiar at the same time so you still get that radio style and approach but it also has a way of being slightly ahead of its time and pushing the envelope just a little bit.

The music video that accompanies the single is shot with great effects and a lot of attention to detail which gives another Avenue of high and classy production in terms of putting this single out the right way.

When you have a track like this and you're putting it out into the world the music video is got to be on the level of the performance in the songwriting.

This track really leaves its mark and the music video does an outstanding job of showing Michael's presence as an artist as well.

This is important when you're dropping a bang or like "Operate" because that character has to come through visually as well as musically and the video accomplishes that without a hitch.

This song has a full-bodied and lush combination of soul and hip hop and you can tell that the artist puts a lot into everything he's doing.

I would check this single out by way of watching the music video and then check out his other release dropped just before this one called "Yesterday" because this one shows a little bit of a different side to his approach and the video is also really well shot once again.

Don't be afraid to turn these up.

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