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A fresh hard rock release from Ben Emanuelson

A killer new single release from Ben Emanuelson brings out a hard rock vibe with some massive guitar sounds that have a perfect edge but also let the song bust out with memorable melodies belted by vocals that show passion and heart from start to finish.

"Bushology" is a pure and genuine rock banger that hits the ground running with plenty of character, elements of classic and 80 metal embedded in its veins, and a ton of energy that shines through with every note.

You get a ripping guitar lead solo that bends and shreds just right to fit in and when it ends the song breaks into this almost Spanish classical undertone before kicking back into crunching rock riffs again.

This track really has a way of sticking with you and it all comes together with a gusto that works like a charm.

This track showcases the bands' ability to really put out arena-rock at its best. You can feel the band feeding off of each other's energies and it has power behind it. It makes you sing along, bang your head or dance around the room.

The song has its edge but it's also catchy and fun with tasteful guitars and drumming to along with those vocals.

This is a banger for sure and it's done with what feels like seasoned and well executed performances all the way through.

You get the feeling this would be excellent to hear live in front of your face.

So come take a dive into "Bushology" and if you dig it, you'll also dig others from Ben like "Mystery of Love" and more.

For real genuine rock lovers out there.

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