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A Fresh And Addictive Single Release From Edgy L

A fresh new release from Edgy L brings out a crisp and lush dance pop feel with all the builds, climaxes, swells and sways you can possibly ask for and it's all done with a major attention to intricacies and details as the song has a heavily driving and melodic soundscape.

"I Need You" is a pure cinematic chrome colored night sky with neon lit highways and cityscapes that lead into these honest thoughts and full-bodied undertones.

The song boasts such an array of synths and keys that all have a way of breeding textures that have a way of grabbing at you and bringing out the inner rhythms.

This track has a pull to it, and it also has the ability to wash you away with the track itself which is absolutely wonderfully impactful but in a subtle way.

This was a blast from start to finish and it had a refreshing way of building up and sort of exploding at the right times to get everything to a maximum drive point and it works like a charm really.

It has that gleaming night club tonality that makes it genuine, and it feels like the future and the past combined at once.

The sounds and aesthetics overlap and create this soundscape that is familiar, but also has a way of feeling new and wildly attractive.

There is sex appeal, passion, heart, and pure rhythm and energy involved in this track and it feels awesome.

Pump this one as loud as you want, you won't soon regret it.

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