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A Fierce and Optimistic Rock Release From Shawn Gavin Thomas

A new single release from Shawn Gavin Thomas hits it hard with a message that we all need to hear from time to time and it's done with an insanely catchy guitar riff and a heavy tonality, and it's awesome to hear a song that has such a positive and fierce subject with this alternative rock soundscape.

"Focused" is really about how you deal with a struggle and how if you keep it together and focus on your goal then you can make it there even if you have to push yourself.

This is a very important thing because you don't hear a lot of songs yearly about being focused on pushing through battles so it's actually very refreshing to hear a track that hits this hard and has this great edginess to it and is about pushing yourself to get through that hardship because a heavy song with optimism is a rarity.

I adore this because the song actually comes through with this energy that you can just tap into and then it feeds you so for me it's very inspiring because we all go through struggles, and we all go through hardships but sometimes we need something to help back us up in a song like this is exactly that.

This track has a super high level of musicianship from the guitar work especially, to everything else involved and at times it feels like it actually has the energy of a live performance as if the players and instruments are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

The song comes through absolutely bombastic and with one hell of a gusto that really lets it all get wrapped around you so that it keeps you right where it wants to.

I think my favorite thing about this track is the fact that it comes with this character that you don't want to let go of.

You get attached to that persona and that character and you want to take it with you for the rest of your day because you don't know what may come at you.

The song is almost like protection, and it certainly serves as purpose.

The chorus and hook have a wonderful way of staying with you for hours after the song is ended and after a while, you just want to listen to it again so that you can satiate the urge to feel that same presence that you did the first time you heard it.

This release was certainly impactful and had a great power behind it and absolutely speaks volumes for Shawn Gavin Thomas as an artist and as a songwriter.

Here's the thing, attract like this doesn't have the same kind of influence or impact if the performance isn't there so someone really nailed every aspect of what this song is all about right down to the actual energy in the performance of it.

This is exactly what makes it work so damn well.

This was a killer rock banger with a huge and infectious level of optimism and drive.

Definitely dive into this one when you can and turn it way up,

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