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A Fierce And Heavy Release From Suicide Puppets

An EP release from Suicide Puppets delivers a fierce and aggressive but melodically forward and closed-fisted soundscape that manages to hit all the sweet spots for metal lovers and more all done with a lush character and particular edginess that gives these guys their own sound.

The Beyond the Veil EP has vast and massive choruses that are backed by outstanding drumming that just hit you like a sucker punch to the gut and the whole thing can feel anthemic at times.

You get great, deep and heavy grooves with this haunting atmospheric undertone that sticks throughout the record and helps push that theme that the band keeps to.

The guitar work on this record is absolutely insane and there are a lot of killer guitar solos and riffs throughout the course of the record which really helps give it its drive.

I love the mix of classic and new metal blended with hardcore breakdowns and a little bit of grind core in there too just to keep the surprises coming and the mosh pit aspect of it all strong as hell.

Lyrically you get a lot of honesty and straightforwardness delivered with a lot of power and while that's happening you also get these keys in the background that make things almost cinematic as they float through the song's ether giving them a bigger atmosphere than they had before.

This element of the record makes things feel orchestrated and full-bodied.

These sections tend to happen just before a brutal breakdown, or a pounding riff kicks in so that you can just head back to the groove again.

You can tell that these guys have a real love for their craft, and I don't just mean their instruments, I mean the songwriting and doing everything together.

A lot of people don't understand how much heart goes into metal music if they don't listen to it often.

The level of love and actual musicianship is immense, and Suicide Puppets is a perfect example of how those things come to the Forefront when making a real metal record like this one.

There are layers that can be peeled back throughout this EP, and you don't always get that no matter what the genre is.

The whole record has this invasive and almost animated underbelly and each of the songs has a different way of grabbing at you.

This is a five-song EP and there are a few tracks that stick out as singles to me, however, I do feel like listening to this record from beginning to end is definitely the way to soak it in properly.

This was a high-octane and very well-woven metal release that clearly showcases this band as one that is paving their path in the metal arena and doing things their way.

There's plenty of attention to detail that went into the creation of this release, but it never loses that energy and that presence from start to finish.

It's also an awesome escape from your own reality for a little bit so I would suggest listening to it in the car or even popping some headphones on but I'll tell you something right now, this is one of those records that you can turn way loud and it's still amazing.

As a matter of fact, it might even get better the louder you put it.

I'll give this a 9 out of 10 straight up.

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