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A Driving Single From keep This Up

A blistering new single from Keep This Up brings out a classic high energy, and dark-edged alternative rock and screamo tonality with a great element of super tight thrashing and bursting with a particular aesthetic that brings together some of the best parts of different hard and heavy music.

"Blossom" comes in swinging with high octane riffs that give the band such a great drive along with really perfectly performed drums but still with a liveliness to them and the track also incorporates a little synth work, and some super heavy breakdown sections that go into halftime and this brings the sort of hardcore element to the sound of the song as well.

The guitar work is ridiculous and there are some great pitch harmonics and play during the main riff and even that's done super tight so a lot of this just feels not only alive and breathing but also completely flawless in a certain way which gives the song a certain class.

The chorus is definitely memorable and sort of anthemic but this track does have that early to mid-2000s sort of aesthetic to it as well so you have this thrashing song that has an emotional drive, brings a little screamo into the mix, and has an amazing production so that entire aesthetic is completely nailed from beginning to end but these guys managed to add in some of their own unique twists in there that come as quite a little bit of a surprise but also makes the song heavier than normal.

The biggest thing about this track is the unstoppable energy that it continuously holds onto throughout the track and as a matter of fact, it feels like that energy rises in intensity as the track does which is part of why I said it feels almost alive and breathing.

It packs one hell of a punch, but it does so in a way where it's got a little bit more of an emotional impact and meaning behind it so that you're able to grasp its premise and purpose.

You can tell that these guys have a real love for writing songs together and putting out something that has an impact and a little bit of a deeper meaning to it while still having great heavy elements, super tight performances, unreal energy, and a smart way to arrange the song so that it's still a perfect length of time but goes through its forward moving flow so that it never gets old.

This was a very well-thought-out and well-woven single from a band that has a lot of experience in terms of their musicianship and put their best efforts forward but did it with heart and that comes through with every note played in every second passed.

I can't explain how much I love the fact that this band gives off that aesthetic I mentioned earlier but also explodes into this additional heavier breakdown sections and also adds those synths in there which was a great layer that surprised me honestly.

There's a lot of power behind this track in this band is not afraid to show it.

The whole thing made me want to see these guys live for sure.

This was an impactful single that hit as hard as it could but did so with a sort of gracefulness and honesty that I look for when it comes to this kind of music.

Everything about this track was completely nailed and I look forward to hearing more from these guys as soon as humanly possible.

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