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A Colorful Pop Single From Good Dear Good

A killer new single from Good Dear Good takes on a pop-rock feel that combines a retro synth and key set, catchy guitars twanging along, duet vocals, and a bopping bassline all rolled into this beautifully packaged pop song.

"If I Can" has an outstanding attention to detail, a youthful energy and a maturity in songwriting styles and it all gets coasted with a wonderfully colorful set of textures with synth pads and melodies that constantly get stuck in your head.

This release has a perfect summer feel to it. It's vibrant but not over the top. It has a polished soundscape but also showcases a young indie-pop undertone. It lets the band shine with presence and character while remaining somewhat subtle in its effect.

The track has heart as well. You can hear this love for their craft on this one and just the way its performed and written is a testimony for the band.

They are paving their own path and are able to do so in a way that they are in love with.

All of that is evident in the music.

This is a pop song. Period. And it's got this charm to it that makes you all warm and cozy. It makes you want to get closer and find more from the band.

This bassline really makes the song. And that's another thing. Songs like this aren't easy to mix. The balance of instrumentation and vocals is all done so well its crazy. The bass is big but not overpowering. The keys create this atmosphere that help make the song.

A beautifully woven single from Good Dear Good right there.

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