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A Classic Alt-Rock Single from Rusty Van

A new single release from Rusty Van comes through with a classic grunge and alternative rock soundscape that breeds a '90s undertone and is aesthetically nailed from start to end with powerful vocals along with a composition and arrangement that lets the song sort of feel alive and breathing.

"Faceless" is the kind of song that sticks with you for hours after it's ended because you get this sort of nostalgic feeling when you listen to it especially if you grew up listening to bands like  Alice in Chains or STP for example and this is because you can hear these kinds of influences in the song and this is something I adore because they really know how to bring those influences to light and still create a song that hits that sound so well but feels fresh.

It's got an amazing combination of edginess and melody along with this soulful performance by all parts, not just vocally, and this creates a sort of atmosphere for you to fall right into.

The track starts off clean which lets it build into this explosion of grunge and alternative rock heaviness, but it does that with a massive vastness and melodic impact that gives the song a certain level of seriousness and I like that a lot about it.

If you listen to the lyrics, the track is pretty relatable because a lot of it feels like it has to do with certain kinds of struggles being alive in general and how we feel on the inside along with how other people make from the outside and a lot of us have those kinds of things going on in our day-to-day but don't really bring it to light.

I think this is important because a song like this with such a massive tonality sends a message lyrically and the combination of those two things is what makes a great track.

A lot of the time we hear a song that expresses that emotional drive and or thoughts that we all have and just aren't able to articulate very well so when you hear a song that not only has a musical intensity like this one does but also can lyrically articulate those kinds of thoughts into words it's pretty impressive and it has a way of connecting with us more than we think.

Perhaps this track was a bit cathartic for the singer to write but for the listener, it can be relatable even though certain lyrics are metaphoric, they're still completely understandable.

I love how this track hits in waves of explosions and by the end of it, you are just so fulfilled by it that you want to listen to it again just to feel satiated again.

This song speaks volumes for the band in my opinion and shows soul, heart, character, and persona, and it makes me want to see them perform it live because if the energy can be captured this well on a record, then seeing it live would be awesome.

If you are a fan of classic alternative rock then this is 100% for you because they hit all the sweet spots that you want and do it in such a natural way that it feels like you've been listening to this song on the radio for years now.

Check this one out and don't be afraid to turn it up.

I'm giving this a 9 out of 10 hands down, especially for hitting the aesthetic they were going for so damn well.

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