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A Classic Alt-Rock LP From Pagan River Madness

An album release from Pagan River Madness does an amazing job of delivering this classic 90s radio alternative rock undertone that boasts tons of character and even hard as you swim through this ten-track rock opus.

The New Southern Perspective album takes you through descriptive stories told from different points of view and you get a great feel for the persona of this band the deeper to the record you go and as that happens you get more and more attached.

There are elements about this record that give me little hints of nostalgia here and there and again, that has a lot to do with that classic radio rock sound, but they do such a good job of nailing out aesthetic that I feel like it's just their natural way of writing.

One of the other things I enjoyed about this record is the endless energy that it has because it's very dynamically balanced, but it gives you the feeling of a live performance because the players are seemingly feeding off of each other the entire time.

It's almost as if they recorded these tracks live on the floor.

I'm probably wrong about that of course, but either way, this record makes you want to catch these guys alive because if the energy on the record is captured the way it is, then a lot of performance would be awesome.

Certain songs give more of a heavier edge to them that almost lean towards a more metal or grunge feel and it has a lot to do with the vocal approach and the distortion and guitar tones throughout the songs as well.

This is definitely not cookie-cutter type of rock music which is refreshing because these guys think a little bit outside the box, and they put a lot into the actual songs so that you can let them wrap themselves around you.

There's a lot about this record that has a connective or confluent feel which makes you think that maybe this is a concept record of sorts.

The songs are interconnected in different ways and even though certain tracks stick out as singles for sure, this is the type of record that you want to listen to from beginning to end all the way through so that you can soak it in the way it was meant to be soaked in.

This is another thing that I have missed in terms of all kinds of genres really.

I'm getting tired of the single-based society thing and I've missed full-length records especially ones that tell stories and going into depth.

This is one of those records because if you listen to it as a whole, then it's more of an experience than an album and I like stuff like that.

I grew up in a time of CDs and cassette tapes, vinyl records, and so on.

Album and I miss bands putting out actual LPs so when Pagan River Madness dropped this record it was so relieving for me and this is exactly the type of thing that I've been missing.

These guys do an amazing job of putting story and heart behind their songs but still keeping that edginess and that rock drive behind everything.

This was a massive record with layers that can be peeled back especially if you're paying attention to the lyrics.

I would suggest checking this out soon as you get a chance especially if you're a fan of those classic alternative rock, grunge, hard rock, and metal bands from the late 90s and early 2000s.

These guys pinpoint that sound and just really roll with it so well.

I'll give this a 9 out of 10 straight up.

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