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A Classic Album from This Summer Has Arrived

A recent album release from This Summer delivers a cross between a 90s alternative rock undertone and a little bit of a progressive approach that all has this sort of emotional backbone and almost cinematic feel which creates an atmosphere for the record that you get engulfed in very quickly.

The Liminal Space album is brimming with this kind of character that you end up getting attached to and this is part of what takes you on what I would call more of a musical journey or even an experience than an album itself.

No matter what you're listening to throughout the record, you do have elements of pop rock, a little bit of grunge, and hints of an almost mathy undertone, but there's also this sort of mysterious sadness of sorts that lurks in its underbelly and it's almost like a haunt.

I adore this about the record because again, that's part of delivering persona and character which is something that a lot of rock records are kind of missing these days so to hear such a lush one here, it was almost strangely rejuvenating.

It's hard to explain but a lot of the record feels almost like it's alive and breathing and in a way, it feels like it's a concept record. After all, the songs do have different ways of interconnecting and even if I'm wrong about that, this is most certainly the kind of record that you listen to from beginning to end because that was just the way it was meant to be listened to.

You're supposed to soak this in as a full piece not just as one single here or one single there and this is also because by listening to just a few songs you're not getting the full scope or spectrum of what this record actually delivers.

As you dig deeper into the album you get elements of pop punk, and even heavier sides to the band and I feel like these songs have the vibe of being recorded live on the floor as if everyone involved with feeding off of each other the whole time.

Of course, I have no idea if that's correct but even if I'm wrong about that, listening to the record certainly makes you want to see these songs perform live in your face because if the energy is captured this well on record, then seeing them live much just be amazing.

I feel like a record like this takes a lot of time but throughout the songs, you also get little hints of the band's personalities and influences in music that all come into play through different songs on the record.

To me, a lot of these songs are Fists-in-the-air sing alongs in a strange way, and that pop-punk element has a big play in that however, you get such a great sense of youthful vigor and bits of emotional drive that push through a lot of the time as well.

Some of the record gives me hints of nostalgia as well and maybe that's just because I grew up listening to a lot of '90s pop punk, alternative rock, underground '90s rock, and stuff like that and these guys nail a lot of these different aesthetics sometimes even in one track.

This was a banger of a record and it's important to again, listen to the whole album as opposed to just one or two songs but I'm sure you have the 35 minutes to do so.

Trust me, it's worth your time.

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