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A Cinematic Single Release From Michael Ellery

A brand-new single from Michael Ellery brings out a cinematic backbone with growing intensity and a lush character that you're able to get yourself attached to right from the get-go and as all this happens you get a crossover between pop, hip hop, and R&B all rolled into one track delivering an atmosphere that has the ability to wrap itself around you and keep you right where it wants to.

"Save Me" has an edgy approach both lyrically and musically but it also bears this light at the end of the tunnel and an inspirational undertone that gives the song a persona that is all its own.

A lot about this track was gracefully performed and the whole thing has an almost alive and breathing feel to it because it goes through these sways and swells through the arrangement which was very well done.

The whole track is extremely well woven, and it does indeed give off that emotional drive that it was built from in the first place.

The track features Jessica Turner performing these soulful choruses atop pianos and synth pads that give the song all this vastness and TY Avery who delivers conscious rap lyrics that are praised so well in terms of how they bounce with the music itself that all the elements together seem to complement each other.

Between the three of them, a song was created that has a message to it and feels almost like it could have been cathartic for some of them while for the listener it could be very relatable to the point where someone might not feel alone in certain kinds of personal struggles.

It's songs like this that make you wonder exactly how artists can articulate their emotions and feelings into words and music the way that they do.

A lot of us have all kinds of emotions of course but not a lot of us can articulate those into something that can be used as an outlet.

This track certainly has a lot of attention to detail in its creation but even with all of that you never lose that character or that emotion throughout the entire track which may be the most important thing because that's what part of the infectious vibe comes from.

The release has an absolutely beautiful soundscape to it and creates textures that can both clash and melt into each other at the same time and I think that the production was done with fewer boundaries than you may be used to which come in the end, created a song that left its mark.

Any kind of music that can make you think or feel is important in today's world because so many of us need that trigger for us to snap out of whatever our day-to-day routine is.

There's a lot out there that is bigger than our own lives and music done right, is one of the things that lets you remember that and unless you look at the big picture.

"Save Me" displays a massive strength not only in songwriting and arrangement but also in delivery and performance through and through.

This is that track that sticks in your head for hours or even days after the song has ended and the only way to satiate that is to go back and listen to it again which in my opinion is very smart songwriting however, I think it comes to Michael Ellery naturally.

How exactly he creates the song and brings people together to have it come to fruition is beyond me, but I feel like this is a song that came through close to what it was like in his head to begin with.

Definitely dive into this track when you get a chance.

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