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A Cinematic Double Single Release From Honey Bizarre

A recent release from Honey Bizarre comes in the set of two singles that play through back-to-back and each one gives off a lush and cinematic soundscape that brings a certain kind of vastness and character to the table that is rarely seen and so as you listen through these tracks you start to become engulfed by the soundscapes and eventually washed away as well.

The first of the two tracks is called "Little Deep Miss Strange" and the track consists of ambient synth pads and strings that fill the space and create an atmosphere and an ether that you can sort of swim through while guitars give off a slightly edgy and almost haunting set of feedback riddled melodies that play right alongside those backing synth pads and strings creating an orchestrated and powerful piece of work.

One of the things I love about this track is how it forms this kind of escape for you to step into so that you can forget about your own reality for a moment in time and almost create a whole new one in your head and that's the beauty of songs like this. They let your imagination sort of run wild and you were able to create an almost entire backstory to the songs yourself.

It's such a beautiful contribution to your mind because in a way it helps direct your thoughts and the music, arrangement, composition, and everything else involved is what makes that happen.

If you think about that, it's very impressive.

I love the way that this duo produces their musical works because it's not reinventing the wheel of course, but it is a refresher, and it is done with fewer boundaries than its predecessors.

This is clearly created by people who have a pure love for their craft and sit with it until it becomes something almost Fantastical which is what these songs are.

They're fantastical pieces of work that are beautifully orchestrated and woven into something that wraps itself around you.

The second track called "LaGrange Game" slightly edgier tonality to it with sounds that feel a little harsher and heavier hitting.

But the songs definitely go hand in hand with each other and the entire time it does indeed feel like you are in a different world of sorts.

I love the mix of natural and digital instrumentation and how everything comes together in such a magical approach with such a melodious, harmonious, and forward-moving flow.

This whole thing was incredibly graceful to me and I love that it creates the ability for you to have images pop into your head at random.

The musicianship here is spot on and the ear for mixing textures together to create sounds that are so massive and vast and have them turn into melody and something with drive behind it is absolutely incredible.

Some layers can be peeled back, there are surprises around some of the corners, and you just know that when they were creating this they were in a certain zone because you could sort of feel that in the music itself.

This is part of the place that you get pulled into when you listen to it.

They get experimental, they get fun, and this is music that makes you think which I enjoy.

I'm giving this a 9 out of 10 which is quite a rarity.

Beautiful from beginning to end and the allure sticks.

I want more.

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