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A Catchy and Classic Pop Single from Nahian

A new single from Nahian brings out an absolutely refreshing blend of synth-pop and R&B that come together to breed something that has its own atmosphere which feels amazing to fall right into but it's really the character that it delivers that you end up letting wrap around you so the whole thing becomes very infectious very quickly.

"Romantic Suicide" bears some great honesty and a youthful approach that all come into this very lush and vivacious pop soundscape and while that's happening, you're getting a little bit of a glimpse of the artist himself as a person and I think it's those things together that make this song a special as it is.

The production of this track is really where it's at because it comes in with this hip-hop and R&B-based undertone and between the beats and the sins that are used you think that that's what it's going to be but then it hits a point where everything changes and you get that synth wave based feel until the very end of the song where it breaks back down into the original hip hop and R&B feel it started with in the first place.

I think this alone is such a brilliant idea.

I also really enjoyed how the song takes this sort of vintage old-school pop soundscape and brings it into a new feel and a more indie pop-oriented approach because the blending of those two things works extremely well especially right now musically.

This track speaks volumes for the artist and comes through so danceable and so energetic that you want more and more of it.

You have to love a song that has surprises around its corners and this track certainly does, but it also boasts such a catchiness as well that it's completely radio friendly.

Upon listening to this track, I had to go and listen to some previous releases and I'm glad that I did because when I did so, I found some outstanding singles and an EP released before this track and everything really shows you this artist sort of evolution as a songwriter and producer.

You certainly get the vibe that Nahian is in his zone or his happy place if you will, in the studio doing his thing because that love and that heart really come through in the music, and you can hear how much fun he's having which is also something that draws you into the music so much.

The vocals have such a wonderful way of adding a great layer of texture to the song but they also complement the music itself as well, so you have a great balanced dynamically but a song that sticks with you for hours after it's ended.

This is the type of track you listen to more than once so you can soak it all in.

This song showed charisma, persona, honesty, a natural knack for being able to produce incredibly well, and a fun way to bend genres that I haven't quite seen before.

Definitely check this track out as soon as you can and don't be afraid to turn it nice and loud because you'll probably be singing along with it by the end.

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