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A beautifully Woven EP from Henri Julien

The latest EP release from Henri Julian brings elements of a vast and almost cinematic tonality into an Americana and country approach and the combination of these two things gives the songs the feeling of being alive and breathing a lot of the time along with the delivery of this subtle honesty that you end up getting attached to.

The fonder with time EP certainly does deliver a lot of personality and you can tell that these songs came from someplace genuine because they're authentic not only lyrically but in sound as well as they bring these different textures together to create an atmosphere that you end up wanting to stay a part of even after the EP has ended.

Certain songs can paint pictures in a way and not just lyrically, again, musically as well as you have this lush approach instrumentally with these elements of neo folk, rustic undertone, singer-songwriter, and so much more that are involved with the full spectrum of the release.

This is one of the reasons why I strongly suggest you listen to this EP as a whole because not only are you not getting that full spectrum of soundscapes with just one track, but I also feel like the songs have a strange way of being interconnected almost like it's a concept record of sorts.

Listening to this release from beginning to end is the proper way to soak this in as I feel like it was meant to be listened to that way which is something I adore because I come from a time when you would listen to a full album after you bought it at the store.

Listening to this EP is more of an experience than just a record and this is also something that you don't find often so it was very refreshing for me and for anyone that likes music that you can escape into for a little while.

That may be my favorite part of all of it. The sheer fact that you can forget about your surroundings for a little chunk of time and dive into this other sort of musical Journey for a while is something that you should relish because it's kind of like a musical gift.

This is sort of a rarity, and it doesn't feel like it's a rarity because we live in a single base society these days. It feels like a rarity because you don't get albums so much anymore that you can really delve into and have a full experience with because they're not really deepening.

This record is quite the opposite and not only that but the performance across it has this heart and soul to it that lets you know that everything is authentic.

This release has a meaning to Henri and perhaps creating it was cathartic for him but for the listener, it's something that not only takes you away, but lets you sort of swim through textures, emotional drive, layers of beautiful instrumentation, and these vast undertones that all let you get engulfed and eventually washed away with everything.

To me, this was a gorgeous record that speaks volumes for the artist and was one of the more real records I've heard in a while.

Take a listen to this one when you can and make sure you have time to do the full ep.

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